Moringa’s Non-Essential Amino Acids


Strengthens the immune system by producing antibodies

Helps in the healthy metabolism of sugars and organic acids in the body

Helps build energy in muscle tissue, brain, and central nervous system



Promotes healing of the body’s wounds

Known to release growth hormones vital for muscle growth as well as tissue repair

Improves immune response to bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells


Aspartic Acid

Helps clear the body of toxic ammonia which is created by cellular waste.

Understood to decrease fatigue and increase endurance.



Antioxidant, deactivates free radicals neutralizes toxins Helps protect against radiation and pollution

Helps to slow down the aging process aids in protein synthesis

Needed for formation of new skin cells (benefits recuperation from burns and surgical operations)


Glutamic acid

Brain food for improving mental capacities

Helps heal ulcers

Reduces fatigue

Curbs the body’s craving for sugar.



Supports oxygen release during the cell-making process

Vital component required during the manufacturing of hormones

Responsible for a strong immune system



Used to treat allergies

Component of rheumatoid arthritis management

Employed for ulcer and anemia treatment



Essential for storing glucose in the liver and muscles

The antibodies of serine help to fortify the body’s immune system

Synthesizes fatty acid covering around nerve fibers



Helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles

Critical for proper function of joints and tendons



Transmission of nerve impulses to the brain

Memory improvement, boosts mental alertness

Assists overcoming depression

Promotes healthy functioning of pituitary glands, adrenal and thyroid

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