Chemotherapy of cancer, treatment of skin diseases and treatment of infections are common use cases of cytostatic drugs.

Cytostatic is a word some doctors and researchers use to describe the way some anti cancer drugs work.

Cytostasis(cyto -cell, stasis -stoppage) is the inhibition of cell growth and multiplication. Cytostatic refers to a cellular component or medicine that inhibits cell growth.

Cytostasis is an important prerequisite for structured multicellular organisms. Without regulation of cell growth and division only unorganized heaps of cells would be possible.

Many cancer drugs aim to kill cancer cells. The word cytotoxic means toxic to cells, or cell killing. So chemotherapy is cytotoxic therapy. Other treatments do not aim to kill cancer cells. They work by stopping the cancer cells from multiplying. So they stop the cancer growing. This is cytostatic therapy. Cytostatic means ‘cell stopping’.

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